Dr. Tameka Donaldson,
Founder and Executive Director

by CounciLINK on February 25, 2021

"Education has always been in my blood," Tameka Donaldson says. "When I was a little girl, there were times when I didn't feel too well, and my mom wanted me to stay home from school. But I always insisted that 'I've got to go to school. I've got to learn.'" And this sense of commitment carried her through an Ed.D. though her grandma was dying at the time. "I was very close to her," Tameka recalls. "When my counsellor saw how I was grieving, she suggested I put my studies on hold. But I said that 'my grandmother would have wanted me to go all the way,' and I succeeded in getting my doctorate in educational leadership and management."


Now she practices a special kind of leadership as director of the KinderCare Learning Center in Grove City, Ohio, where she's worked for the past 15 years. She's a servant leader whose goal is to help her staff develop by giving them a voice. "I always tell my teachers there is no 'I' in team," she explains. "We are like a family, and I let them know how much I need their input. To me, a manager is a dictator, while a leader is someone who also follows. So, I let my teachers help me run the center and listen to their opinions. I give them full rein in their classrooms and make them the first point of contact with the children's parents." As a result, her center consistently gets the highest possible score in the Human Sigma 6 Gallup, a widely recognized measurement of leadership, business excellence and employee engagement.

Her center also receives high scores for parent satisfaction because her teachers have both the patience and the training they need. "I have a staff of 12 people," she says, "and under my leadership, 10 have received their Child Development Associate® (CDA) credential. I always make it a big occasion when they earn their CDAs and encourage them to go on with their education. The CDA is a great beginning." And it certainly was for Tameka, who earned her credential in 2003, shortly after getting her first job as a preschool teacher.

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